duminică, 22 aprilie 2018

Cancer healed overnight

 In the village Digheliotica Egiou (Greece) is living Gheorghia Apostolopoulos, her husband , Kostas and their 4 kids. In their home, in a special place, they have the icon of Saint Nectarios from Aegina. The woman educate her kids in the spirit of love, teaching them to be humble and God loving.
 Unexpected,  cancer broke the women's heart who could not take care anymore of her kids and her husband. The doctor confirmed the disease and send her in Athens in a famous hospital. There, the same diagnosis: cancer.
 After many surgeries the doctors gave up telling her there is no chance of healing and it is better for her to go home and prepare for.....
 Sitting in bed, the woman told her kids to pray every second. In a November night , the woman opened her eyes and said: " I saw him, I saw Saint Nectarios who told me i am healed.  In the same moment, one of her kids said: " I  saw him also, the Saint from the icon. The second day, when the woman went to hospital , the doctors could not find any shade of cancer.

Cancer healed with the help of the holy oil from Saint Nectarios

 Last year, in May , Elena C. from Suceava (Romanian city) she got operated for colon as she had cancer.
 Everything seemed to be ok but because of the doctor ignorance , he did not prescribed citostatatic (chemo) and after less than 1 year the cancer appeared again in a different form : a vaginal wound, invading all the abdomen. We went to Iasi , at the hospital "Saint Spiridon" where they got to the conclusion that it has no sense to keep her in the hospital.
 After all my family insisted, she stayed in the hospital and made radiation to try to close the wound and after to have another surgery , with 99% risk of death. After the radiation that lasted 1 month and a half, the wound closed only 30%. My family was disappointed.
 One of her daughters heard about the miracles of Saint Nectarios and of his miraculous healings so she asked somebody who was going to Bucharest to bring her oil from his candle. She gave it to her mother and she drink some and after 3 weeks she went again to the hospital for the check up, where she had to remain there or to be sent to another hospital in the capital.
 For the praise of God and of Saint Nectarios and by the shock of the doctor, the wound was completely closed.

vineri, 13 aprilie 2018

Miracle- cancer healed by Saint Nectarios

Good afternoon and may God help.
 In 2006 my mother in law had a liver and lungs cancer surgery .
 We went in Bucharest to the Saint Nectarios holy relics from where I take holy oil. The holy oil stay near his holy relics. After this I went to hospital and I anointed her with this oil. I gave her the akatist to read it and I also read myself , I also went in other city (Constanta) for Saint Pantelimon and here we are in 2010, after 4 years , we thank God , the Holy Virgin , Saint Nectarios , Saint Pantelimon and for their prayers my mother in law is still living without any sign of cancer.

 Elena - Suceava

Cured from cancer - testimony

Two years after my mother's death, my family had another affliction : my father was diagnosed with cancer on his right kidney. The doctor told us frankly without care. I just waited to go home to can cry. I felt is happening the same thing as 2 years ago, as with my mother.
 My father had an awful pessimism being sure he will not live more than 6 months after he will have the surgery, same as my mother. And this was his motto: " My wife died so I don't care if I live or no".
 I decided to make everything possible for my father so from the surgery day I started to read the akatist of Saint Nectarios promising if he will heal my father, I will publish his miracle and if I will have a baby I will put his name. In the same day I put holy oil from Aegina monastery ( where Saint Nectarios has his holy relics) .
 The surgery ended well and the doctor was happy with the evolution of the disease. But, in the same way as my mum, after he repeated the histopatology exam , because he had some carcinogen cells from the removed kidney (being necessary to remove also a part of the vesicle) , my dad was sent to the oncology hospital.
 He had to start quickly the treatment with some injections , Roferon , 3 times on week for one year and after every month he had to check how the disease is going.
 Everything was ok, the only thing was that he had to stop drinking while he was doing the treatment. (They said if he will mix the alcohol with the injections, he will get so depressed that he will feel to "to jump from the roof".) I cannot ignore this detail because I need to show how Saint Nektarios worked also in this way.
 For one month he abstained from alcohol. After he repeated the analysis something was wrong and he had to stop the injections for one week. The problem is he started again to drink. Because he could not control himself and he did not care if he will die or no, the doctor said to leave him like this and to accept him the way he is. He will stop the injections but they will monitor his disease every 3 months.
 All from my family thought he will not live too much and also the doctor told us the same. I continued to read the akatist of Saint Nectarios thinking that what God wants, that will happen.
 The first 6 months were the hardest, my dad thought he will die same like my mother. After that was easier. This year we make 2 years since the surgery. We go for analysis every 6 months and from the next year one time on year. Everybody is surprised how well the things have developed and that my father is still alive. But I know what is the reason : Saint Nectarios helped him not only to cure the cancer but also in other problems involving the alcohol.  And he had lots, I can say...some of them really bad.
 Saint Nektarios is really cancer healing . I have the proof my dad healing. I still read his akatist, I have the fear if I stop it maybe something bad will happen.
 Only who had an experience like this, he can understand the miracle of the healing.

Loredana - Romania

joi, 12 aprilie 2018

Saint Ephraim did not allow my hand to be cut out

My name is Roxana, I am 17 years old and I live in Bucharest. I want to start by thanking Saint Ephraim for the help he give me. Everything started last year, in December, when I had pain in my hand. After many investigations, I found out I have cancer. I started the treatment and it followed the surgery. The doctors told me they will have to amputate my hand. I scared and I started to pray to Saint Ephraim and before to start the surgery I felt smell of myrrh. I knew then the Saint is with me and he will not allow my hand to be cut out.
 When I wake up from anaesthesia and I saw my hand is still there , i started to cry. This is only one of the many miracles the Saint has made for me. Now I'm waiting for a solution so I can move my wrist. I trust in the Saint that he will help me also with this

 Roxana- Bucharest (february 2017)

Saint Nectarios helped me to find a wife

I want to write something about the way this wonderful saint shows his presence in our life.

 3 years ago i was near the Patriarh. I was coming from work, it was an warm autumn and i don't know what made me to cross near the quaue of believers who were worshiping the holy relics of Saint Dimitrios. Before i considered useless to wait lots of hours only to kiss the relics that you could do it anytime if you live in Bucharest.

 Suddenly, i hear a voice from an old friend that use to stay lots of hours to wait to kiss the holy relics. We read the prayer of Saint Dimitrios and then she tells me "I called also Angela to come to the holy relics".

 The first time, i saw her as a beautiful girl. The second time, i saw her as a quiet girl with an obvious inner balance. A thought came into my mind transforming in a real obsession: if she is so beautiful inside, it's impossible that she doesn't have a boyfriend.

 I was separated from a girl with whom i did not have the same street. Saint says that the woman and the man must go to the same street (must have the same rhytm) to Christ. I tried to make some jokes hoping i will take her attention. This is how we spent together 12 hours. When i arrived at the holy relics, a monk that knows me, told me he saw my ex-girlfriend dressed in noun. And so, my ex-girlfriend and my future wife were there.

 Later, i realised i knew Angela from the monastery Radu-Voda where i used to go.
After 1 year, we got married. After 2 years we received as a gift from God our first gift: Miriam. These changes that changed my life, have in the center Saint Nectarios. Before to meet Angela, i used to read his prayer hoping that he will give me a good wife , right for me. It's very important also how the prayer is written., The prayer of Saint Nectarios simply touches your heart.

 In the presence of the holy relics, i also met my confessor that knew to talk for my heart in it's language. When i met Angela, she told me she suffers from a severe form of hepatitis. That means her health could get worst in the future or that our daughter could owe the disease. We decided that we will make a kid hoping in God, Angela used to read every night the prayer of Saint Nectarios. Despite what doctor told us, i felt everything will be fine, Angela gave birth in 45 minutes. Before the birth i started to make the difference between a deep prayer and a superficial one. I prayed for Angela with all my muscles tensed and with all my power..I was feeling as a rock: i had the certitude that God is merciful-i felt this with all my body.

 Now Miriam has 6 months and the disease of my wife has stopped from evolution.

 I hope all that receive help from Saint Nectarios will share their stories.

 Ciprian Voicila- romania

marți, 3 aprilie 2018

Saint Nektarios helped me to find a job in another country

My dream was to move to another country, more exactly in an arabic country. I went to many interviews for jobs there but all without result. The best way to arrive there was to become cabin crew...this is what I thought. I wanted to have a good salary, nice life and a beautiful home. I knew I can get all this from the cabin crew job. I was very sad I cannot pass the interviews, I tried many times and I thought maybe God doesn't want me in a Muslim country. I prayed to Saint Nectarios every day for my dream.
 But, actually, God had a better job for me. I found a sales associate job. The salary was modest but it was enough for me to help my family, to go out and also to earn a lot. Other people could not deal with this money but in my case, everything was so easy. I loved the company and the company loved me, I fell all this experience as a blessing. After 2 years I had the opportunity to travel in several countries and I saw what means exactly to be all the time in the airplane. I hated it even as passenger, so I thanks God now I didn't become cabin crew because this job is definitely not for me.
 Saint Nektarios has helped me to choose the best option for me and he fulfilled my dream to live in the country I love. I thanks Him for this blessing. Trust the Saints of God and do not avoid to ask their help.

Saint Nektarios, miracles, I cannot find a job,  prayer