luni, 28 ianuarie 2019

Saint John the Russian saves the life of a kid

 In the Eve night of 2001 my 13 years old son went to his grandparents perfectly healthy and after 30 minutes , he returned back saying he has "temperature".
From that moment it started the sorrow of my family, until 16 April 2002.
We went to the infectious diseases hospital where the medics did their best to treat him.
The temperature was cyclically evolving until the medicine did not have any effect. One of my relatives gave me to read the book about the life of John the Russian and his akatist saying a big miracle will happen with my son.
I didn't do it and I can say it with all my heart, I will regret all my life.
On 16 april 2002 the analysys were very bad and I felt that medically nothing can be done anymore so I decided to take my kid home ; I didn't want him to die in the hospital .
When we arrived home, I put him in his bedroom and I felt I did everything was possible for him. I was telling him ( he could not hear me because he was in coma) that I did everything and if God decides to take him from me , I will submit to His will. In that moment I felt something that I cannot express in words , i felt the divine power , I was agree to sacrifice everything for God.
After few seconds when I realised what I said, I could not believe I had these thoughts and I told my other child I still have something else to do , the last read the akatist of Saint John the Russian.
I kneeled in my bedroom, I opened a candle and I read all his book , I started at 21:30 and i finished at 1:20. In all this time, I felt the time stopped and when I went in his bedroom I got stunned : my son did not have temperature anymore. I could not believe my eyes, I was running in the home, in the yard and i didn't know how to thank God.
After this, I made a promise to God: I told Him I will never smoke again.
This experience made me to find God and nobody can take me back anymore.
I thank God He gave me this problem because only like this I felt the Holy Spirit coming on me.

Aura Istrate

marți, 22 ianuarie 2019

Saint Xenia - help to find a job

Indeed, Saint Xenia is helping. I heard about her 2 and a half years ago. My daughter lost her job and i was telling about my problem to one lady and she adviced me to read the akatist of Saint Xenia for 40 days , for help in finding a job.
 I read the akatist for 40 days but I was hoping to find an icon of her to put in my home. I could not find and nobody really knew about her.  I tried in one place but somebody guided me to another shop and I went straight there where I also found her icon - maybe the last one. I bought it and my soul was so happy.
 On my way home, I met with that lady who told me to read the akatist and, very happy, I told her just today i found her icon. Yes! And that day was 24 January- the day when Saint Xenia is celebrated. I was surprised because I didn't know about it.
 In the evening I called my daughter and she told me she got hired . Yes ! Saint Xenia heard my prayer and she made me the most beautiful gift on her Commemoration Day.

Angela Poenaru

sâmbătă, 29 decembrie 2018

Saint Nectarios heals two moles

 I put holy myrrh from Saint Nectarios on two moles and one has completely disappeared and the other one has decreased to one spot.
 This is the pray of Saint Nectarios for us . Glory to you , Holy Trinity


joi, 27 decembrie 2018

Saint Nectarios helped me to get pregnant

 I want to thank Saint Nectarios for making our life more beautiful, offering us a child with the help of God. We wanted so much a child and I made lots of treatments but nothing worked until I asked help from Saint Nectarios. I asked him to pray to God for me to send us a baby and when I less expected, I got pregnant. Now I pray to God to protect and to keep our angel healthy and after 8 months to see him/her.
 Saint Nectarios gave me a sign that I will get pregnant. In the day I made the pregnancy test I found on the ground a small angel girl with a heart in her hands. That moment I knew Saint Nectarios heard my prayer.
 Please , all of you , don't stop to pray and Saint Nectarios will help anyone who prays with faith.


miercuri, 26 decembrie 2018

Help to get married from Saint Ephraim

 Last year, in august 2016 me, my sister , my mum and other single friends decided to read the akatist of Saint Ephraim from Nea Makri for help in getting married. I must confess,  until that moment Saint Ephraim helped me many times , in an evident way and he became a real friend , having the trust he is helping me every time I share my thoughts with him.
 In September I went in a pilgrimage in Italy and in October I was supposed to go to Israel. In all this time I forget about my desire of getting married and I enjoyed the chance to visit so many holy places in such a short time.
 After my returning from Israel,  on 5 November, through one of a neighbour (a stranger to me) , I met a very special man and on 28 May 2017 after only 7 months of friendship and with 1 month before to come 30 years old , we got married.
 Now we are praying to have also a baby.
 I wish that God, through His beloved saints, our friends, to help those who are alone  to find the support for Salvation and the hope that they will get the help they need at the right time. 
 I thanks God for all His help but especially for the immeasurable love He pour out to us through His saints .
 Thank you Saint Ephraim !


duminică, 22 aprilie 2018

Cancer healed overnight

 In the village Digheliotica Egiou (Greece) is living Gheorghia Apostolopoulos, her husband , Kostas and their 4 kids. In their home, in a special place, they have the icon of Saint Nectarios from Aegina. The woman educate her kids in the spirit of love, teaching them to be humble and God loving.
 Unexpected,  cancer broke the women's heart who could not take care anymore of her kids and her husband. The doctor confirmed the disease and send her in Athens in a famous hospital. There, the same diagnosis: cancer.
 After many surgeries the doctors gave up telling her there is no chance of healing and it is better for her to go home and prepare for.....
 Sitting in bed, the woman told her kids to pray every second. In a November night , the woman opened her eyes and said: " I saw him, I saw Saint Nectarios who told me i am healed.  In the same moment, one of her kids said: " I  saw him also, the Saint from the icon. The second day, when the woman went to hospital , the doctors could not find any shade of cancer.

Cancer healed with the help of the holy oil from Saint Nectarios

 Last year, in May , Elena C. from Suceava (Romanian city) she got operated for colon as she had cancer.
 Everything seemed to be ok but because of the doctor ignorance , he did not prescribed citostatatic (chemo) and after less than 1 year the cancer appeared again in a different form : a vaginal wound, invading all the abdomen. We went to Iasi , at the hospital "Saint Spiridon" where they got to the conclusion that it has no sense to keep her in the hospital.
 After all my family insisted, she stayed in the hospital and made radiation to try to close the wound and after to have another surgery , with 99% risk of death. After the radiation that lasted 1 month and a half, the wound closed only 30%. My family was disappointed.
 One of her daughters heard about the miracles of Saint Nectarios and of his miraculous healings so she asked somebody who was going to Bucharest to bring her oil from his candle. She gave it to her mother and she drink some and after 3 weeks she went again to the hospital for the check up, where she had to remain there or to be sent to another hospital in the capital.
 For the praise of God and of Saint Nectarios and by the shock of the doctor, the wound was completely closed.